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Designing for the Shopper Mindset: The Power of New

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Whether creating digital ads, in-store signage, or packaging, behavior science-based design principles (or, we like to call it designing for the shopper mindset) can improve your creative effectiveness.

Why is this important?

Ads optimized for selling outperform those that are not by 30% or more.

A better understanding of "shopper science" (see above) - and adopting key principles - can help marketers better drive sales and improve ROI.


Design Principle to Solve the Problem: The Power of New

When promoting a new product, does the word “New” help drive conversion?


New is a powerful motivator of awareness, trial, and discovery. But why?

The Shopper Science

The word “new” is like a signal alerting the brain to novelty.

Human brains have a genetic desire to seek out new experiences which provide us with stimulation and improves learning capacity. We're literally hard-wired to seek out novelty. Anything new, different or unusual is bound to catch our eye. Especially when you tell people something is new.

Neuroscience has found that novelty activates our brain’s reward center making new products (even repackaged old products) highly attractive. Brain scans have found that new information stands out among even overly familiar objects or images.


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Novelty is Important

The brain reacts to novelty by releasing dopamine as a reward. It's the same as when a new message notification sounds. Or when you reach a new level in a beloved mobile game. Each new stimuli provides a fresh jolt because you anticipate the reward.

This means we actually crave excitement. Finding a new brand or new offering from your favorite brand can release the same endorphins in your brain that are released during sex, taking drugs, or eating chocolate. While the rush soon wears off, we soon want that feeling again.

New Is Not Enough

There is an important build here…new alone is not be all end all. Actually, new coupled with familiar is the most powerful.

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What to Do About It

Use the word "NEW" prominently in your marketing. It will alert the shopper to a new novelty and get them primed to buy.

For new versions of existing products, emphasize the novelty while providing a connection to familiar brand attributes or usage.

Invite trial by addressing any known purchase barriers must be overcome even more when marketing new products.

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SellCheck is a marketing research platform designed to streamline the creative process, produce better marketing, and boost sales. SellCheck seeks to help marketers do their best by providing clarity and confidence through the discipline of creative effectiveness. 

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SellCheck is a marketing research platform designed to streamline the creative process, produce better marketing, and boost sales.

We provide clarity and confidence through the discipline of creative effectiveness.

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